Junior Woman's Club of Raleigh


Committees are an important part of the organizational structure of the Junior Woman’s Club of Raleigh. The focus of each committee ranges from advising the Executive Board to awarding a non-traditional student with an educational scholarship, and recognizing outstanding clubwomen with club awards. Members are encouraged to participate in the JWC committees that best represent their passion or skills.

The following committees are examples of the various ways to get involved as a member of the Junior Woman’s Club of Raleigh.


Members are responsible for increasing the club’s endowment fund and selecting the JWC of Raleigh Dobbins/Bedini-Lewis Endowed Scholarship recipients. Additionally, they are responsible for educating club women of the benefits of an endowment and securing annual gifts to the fund through requests made to past club presidents, honorary members, and other club supporters.


This committee supports the club’s mission to enhance the lives of clubwomen through leadership opportunities by providing meetings, workshops, and training to develop necessary traits of strong leaders in the club and community.


The membership committee works with prospective members to introduce them to the club and provides general education of club practices to new members. They plan social outings, as well as leads activities to develop and maintain an active general membership.

State Tree Lighting

This committee partners with the staff from the North Carolina State Capital in organizing and implementing the annual NC State Tree Lighting event. Members are responsible for setting the program, securing all presenters and general oversight for this exciting annual holiday event.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is responsible for the setting the overall direction of the club by reviewing the progress of goals, examining current initiatives for relevancy and making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding possible areas for change affecting the club’s future.